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In this day and age where time is a limited commodity, due to our busy on the go lifestyle, we often lack the opportunity to fulfill our need to make a difference in this world and be a part of something bigger than ourselves. WeCause believes in the concept of the ripple effect and Micro Actions give us the opportunity to put our talents and resources to use in the form of small tasks that together can make a huge impact.

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Find Opportunities

Use your skills and resources and search through a range of micro actions you can choose from.
Users can apply to microtasks based on their interests and get a chance to get relevant experience.

Find Volunteers

Find volunteers for your organization based on their specific skills and collaborate together to make a change.

Connect and Collaborate with Changemakers

Reach out to a community of changemakers with just a click of of a button. Create an account and collaborate with like-minded people and organizations on social impact projects.

Micro Actions,
Mega Impact.

Small doses of support that add up to have significant impact.

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